Playable character

The playable character is actually composed of two different characters, a mortal and a Daedra, sharing the Daedra's body. I will here expand their backstories here and expose various propositions for the mortal character.

The Mortal: Calemryon


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Calemryon was born on a boat and lived aboard it for much of his life. His father was a smuggler roaming the southern seas from Eastern Morrowind to the Summerset Isles, dealing with slave traders and smugglers from Morrowind and Elsweyr. Calemryon never knew his supposedly Altmer mother and was never sure that his Dunmer who called himself his father actually was who he claimed to be. The young elf grew up to become a great sailor, gaining renown and fame in his trade. When, in some dirty bar of Senchal, a raving stranger gave him a treasure map and offered him a boat, Calemryon decided to sail to adventure with the man's ship. It quickly became apparent that he was not sailing in a normal vessel. All of the navigation tools were enchanted in some way, and Calemryon was not able to control his direction. He soon found himself lost somewhere in the Padomaic Ocean. Calemryon tried to understand what was happening despite the little education he had, and discovered that all the enchanted items on the boat were enchanted with human souls. He realized that his own soul was starting to bind to the ship and absorbed by the helm of the boat. The voices of the other souls filled his head with their agony, driving him to desperation. Calemryon remembered the stories of Oblivion, the place where souls normally went after death. As he cried out with what he thought was his last breath, he wished that somehow he could sail to Oblivion to keep his soul from binding with the ship. He openeed his eyes, amazed that he still lived, and found himself on some strange, beautiful shore. Calemryon had arrived in the realm of Clavicus Vile.

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The elf who sailed to Oblivion.

The ship that Calemryon had sailed in was a contraption of Vile's. It was designed to entrap the souls of powerful and daring men. Each man who sailed on it would go insane and attract another sailor to the ship with tales of treasure and Daedric rewards. Then, when they died, their soul was bound to the ship, increasing the power of its magic. Eventually, the ship would take the occupant to Vile's Oblivion Realm and deliver its souls into Vile's control. Vile had spared Calemryon's soul because he needed a champion. Thanks to his experience as a smuggler, Calmeryon was very careful and managed to come to an arrangement. If Calemryon would go on a quest to retrieve an artifact of Nocturnal's, then Vile would not take Calemryon's soul and would give him the ship. Calemryon must also agree to perform any other jobs for Vile in the future.

Calemryon accepted the deal and performed the task for Clavicus Vile, receiving his reward as recompense. After such an adventure, the life of a casual smuggler seemed pleasant but boring. Calemryon wanted more and he began to study Conjuration and Oblivion. He became more educated but still had the mind of a rogue, and rarely missed an opportunity to for adventure. He continued to perform tasks for Clavicus Vile, using the artifact he stole from Nocturnal, a knife that could cut a portal to Oblivion realms out of thin air.

Aldmeri Persecution

When the Thalmor sought to purge their society of those with impure blood they came for him. Calemryon fought the Thalmor who attacked him and tried to flee. He attempted to escape through the use of Nocturnal's knife, but as he was forming the portal he was hit by a blast of magic. The energy surged into the knife, and overloaded the portal. The knife exploded in his hand, shattering into hot, sharp pieces. A shard of the artifact was permanently buried in his back and could not be removed without causing his death.

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Flight from the Thalmor.

The mage was never able to walk after his injury. It was only with the aid of conjured Daedra holding up his body that he was able to run from the Thalmor and go into hiding. He summoned powerful creatures from Oblivion to destroy the Thalmor and carry him from the battle. His injury was so great that he was unable to move without the aid of his summoned minions. Calemryon used the powerful magic he had learned to sustain constantly summoned Daedra. Eventually, however, his will and strength began to fail. His body and mind weakened further and further as the Thalmor continued their harrowing pursuit.

The Veil

The Veil is a secret scholar organization allowing its members to perform studies that could be considered dissident by most. However, while the Veil seeks for knowledge, it also seeks for wisdom and tries to keep in line with a certain form of morality. In order to achieve its goals, the organization doesn't fear to deal with Daedric Princes such as Hermaeus Mora, Clavicus Vile or Hircine.

The Veil offers shelter and safety to its members so long as they keep loyal and moral enough. Not all members stay in the base as they may need to travel across Tamriel for their studies.

With the rise of the Thalmor and the huge tensions between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire, the Veil found an opportunity to make some business in offering some people a "whole new identity". This necromantic service consists in binding the client's soul to a new body in way to start over a "new life".

When the Veil learned that such a brilliant mage as Calemryon was sought by the Thalmor, they attempted to contact him with offers of shelter and protection. It took time to establish the contact and build some trust, but, finally Calemryon arrived.

The Veil found Calemryon and opened a portal to Dearthwit Spire, a Realm in Clavicus Vile's Plane of Oblivion. They were given their own Realm in exchange for artifacts and performing tasks for the Daedric Lord. Calemryon summoned a Dremora to carry him through the portal and into the Veil's sanctuary. Unfortunately, however, his condition had deteriorated too far, and the Veil's effort appeared to be in vain. As they laid his body on a bed, Calemryon's mind sank into darkness.

But the Veil had invested too much into his rescue to lose him. They performed the soul-transfer ritual right then and transferred Calemryon's mortal soul in to the summoned Dremora's immortal body. The melding was sudden and confusing for both the Dremora and Calemryon. The Dremora suddenly found himself free of the summoning spell's influence, but there now existed a second soul and mind within his body. It is here, in this state of confusion and desperation in which Oblivionauts story begins.

The Dremora: Velkan

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Because all TES titles need their canon main character.

Velkan is part of the Kynval caste (warrior-knights who have distinguished themselves in battle, and shown the deliberate steadiness of potential war leaders). He used to be a Caitiff as zealous as any Caitiff can be, but since he was promoted to an upper rank and gained more power over lesser castes he has become more independent and dissident. He removed his armor to expose his body with defiance and arrogance, focusing his martial training on offense rather than defense. This kind of behavior is uncommon among Dremora and evidence of his strong temper, high ambition, and clever, unyielding mind.

Dremoras are instinctive creatures and they are rarely inclined to think. Velkan is among the few ones who tries to make some use of their brains and be more creative. For this reason he is more prone to observe mortals before trying to kill them.

Abilities: Effect:
Ebony Skin: +50 resistance to Fire damage, +20 resistance to Magic, +25 weakness to shock damage.
Powers: Effect:
Daedra Heart: Regenerate 75 HP (daily)
Dremora Gaze: Nearby enemies under level 10 flee for 20s (daily)
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