Thilse Andrano
Thilse Andrano

Locations: TBD
Race: Dunmer Gender: Female
Level: TBD Class: Necromancer
Other Information:
Health: TBD Magicka: TBD
Stamina: TBD
Primary Skills TBD
Morality: TBD Aggression: TBD
Essential: TBD
Faction(s): Veil Rank: Assistant
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"It's hard not to show compassion for the Daedra even if I know how useless it is…"

Thilse is a Dunmer from Vvardenfell. She had a rather peaceful existence for the first centuries of her life in Morrowind, doing necromantic experiments, not giving a damn about the Mages Guild… a casual Dunmeri life. Thilse’s research field was mainly focused on ghosts and spirits. As she progressed in her experiments she started to feel a lack of knowledge, she knew she needed the point of view of other scholars and schools of magic to confirm her theories. She was about to enter the Mages Guild for the first time of her life when she got in some troubles with a powerful ghost trying to possess her to feed on her lifeforce. It was the ghost of Sinriel and Thilse quickly understood that the only way to survive to his assaults was to help him regain his body, and so she did, though quite unwillingly. It was at this moment that members of the Veil came to her and proposed her to join the organization. She quickly accepted and Sinriel joined in the process.
Thilse is a soft-tempered Dunmer who enjoys calm and meditation to commune with the spirits. Unlike most necromancers she doesn’t have a god complex nor does she lack of social skills. She is very capable of empathy and makes a good confident.


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