Locations: TBD
Race: Bosmer Gender: Male
Level: TBD Class: Necromancer
Other Information:
Health: TBD Magicka: TBD
Stamina: TBD
Primary Skills TBD
Morality: TBD Aggression: TBD
Essential: TBD
Faction(s): Veil Rank: Overseer
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"People call me a bastard but you'll surely figure out why quite soon."

Sinriel is a Bosmer of dubious origins. He used to be a powerful mage in the late First Era, even went to Arteum where he was a hardworking student. But when Mannimarco left the Psijiic Order, he was among those who followed him. Sinriel became a powerful necromancer until he met his doom on the battlefield that opposed the King of Worms to Vanus Galerion and his Knights of the Lamp. Sinriel was deadly wounded but kept himself composed as a ghost bound to a mysterious amulet. The artifact was found and Sinriel would possess the bearer to feed on their lifeforce in order to regain more power. His last host was, Thilse, a female Dunmer necromancer who joined the Veil soon after its creation in the late Third Era. Sinriel had then regained the power he needed to unlock the spell enchanted in the amulet, which allowed him to somehow recreate his body as it was before his death. He then joined the Veil for the security and easy access to knowledge and power it could provide him.
Sinriel knows what he’s worth and has the arrogant behavior of an Altmer with the lowly manners of a Bosmer and people qualifying as a real bastard. Sinriel agrees with them.


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