Locations: TBD
Race: Dunmer Gender: Male
Level: TBD Class: Enchanter
Other Information:
Health: TBD Magicka: TBD
Stamina: TBD
Primary Skills TBD
Morality: TBD Aggression: TBD
Essential: TBD
Faction(s): Veil Rank: Assistant
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"Am I but a surviving animal…?"

Narsis is a Dunmer from Morrowind. He is himself unable to tell much about his past and his real age, he only recalls the last moments before his death in the city of Narsis. He thinks he was some kind of hustler creating fake Daedra artifacts and got in troubles with Hlaalu merchants who wished to skin him. His only hope to escape after he was wounded was to fake his death and so he tried to transfer his soul in a bone statue. The transfer was successful but he was then trapped for a long time, only able to wander in the city as a soul, loosing his memories until the city became his identity. With the intervention of a necromancer he managed to regain some mental strength and took over the necromancer, exchanging their places to steal the necromancer's body.
Narsis is someone dark and often silent, he knows he did bad things and he’s ready to do bad things again if need be. He’s discreet and doesn’t like to be bothered for nothing. When he can't find sleep at night he often ends musing aloud, alone, talking to himself and wondering about his humanity. As it seems he doesn't recall his past but also forget the people in his memories and it seems to grow worse and worse in some sort of Alzheimer case. He feels very lonely because he doesn't recall people and grows distrustful and confused about the other members of the Veil.


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