Locations: Galendil's Lab
Race: Dunmer Gender: Male
Level: TBD Class: Necromancer
Other Information:
Health: TBD Magicka: TBD
Stamina: TBD
Primary Skills TBD
Morality: TBD Aggression: TBD
Essential: TBD
Faction(s): Galathor's Army Rank: Faction Leader
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Galendil is a dark elf who was a powerful necromancer during his living days. Before he died, he ruled over a cult of necromancers who believed he was the reincarnation of The Worm King. Eventually his brother Inorian, who was a Vigilant of Stendarr, came to destroy his cult and their stronghold. He slaughtered each and every one of Galendil's followers, but could not bear to kill his brother. Galendil did not have the same compassion, and raised up the bodies of his followers to attack his brother. After a long fight, both brothers met each other in battle and dealt each other mortal blows. What Inorian did not know, was that Galendil has made a pact with Clavicus Vile to receive his own island after death, with his followers as minions. Clavicus did not specify payment when the pact was made, but said that he would take that which Galendil cared most for when he died. After his death Galendil was given the Citadel, but it was not quite what he thought it would be. He did have his own Realm and his minions as he wanted, but his brother's soul was also put into the Realm. Though, Galendil lusted for power, he loved his brother and loved most their constant competition. Inorian's spirit, however, was subdued so that all of the ambition and motivation which Galendil loved to resist was vacant from his mind. Though his lust for power was satisfied, Galendil lives in eternal anguish knowing he can no longer fight his brother. So, he has put Inorian from him up on the highest portion of the island. From there Inorian oversees the minions, receiving written instructions from his brother.

Eventually, however, Galendil became unsatisfied with his island and began to lust for even more power. He began to experiement and test the limits of his Realm. Eventually, he was able to create a portal that allowed him travel to other Realms. He established the Portal Tower, from which he sent forth minions to other regions of Clavicus's Realm, He made a terrible mistake in his design, though, and neglected to consider the possibility of other Realms creating portals to his. Clavicus grew greatly annoyed with Galendil, and built his own Portal. He promised other mortals and ex-mortals with their own Realm (or with more power in theirs than they already had) if they would enter the Citadel and reap Galendil's soul. Leaders and minions from other Realms flocked to the war call and streamed through the portal. The Citadel was invaded, and the siege began.

During Oblivionauts, He and his minions are fortified in the Citadel, where he communicates with Inorian to control the war outside the walls.


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