Arkved of Riverfield
Arkved of Riverfield

Locations: TBD
Race: Altmer Gender: Male
Level: TBD Class: Sorcerer
Other Information:
Health: TBD Magicka: TBD
Stamina: TBD
Primary Skills TBD
Morality: TBD Aggression: TBD
Essential: TBD
Faction(s): Veil Rank: Overseer


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Probably one of the most humble and kind Altmer ever.

Arkved is an Altmer from Summerset Isles. He had a “difficult” childhood because his parents were both brilliant and renowned mages always competing each other and caring little for their son’s feeling. Arkved was always very sensitive and effeminate in many aspects. He worked hard in hope to get his parents’ attention and thought of himself as a weak and failure. It was only when he went to study in Alinor that he started to realized that he was a brilliant genius already thanks to natural abilities enhanced by his hard work. From there he cut all contacts with his parents and shielded himself in a wizard tower to feel protected from “naughty people”.
He conducted a lot of studies and experiments related to Oblivion realms and ways to open portals leading to them, even managed to buy a very small parcel of Oblivion for personal studies. He was always very careful if not excessive in his precautions to avoid troubles.
One day he discover an Altmer teen nearby his tower, unconscious and wounded. He took care of him as he was moved by the boy’s story he let him live with him in the tower. Iroroon would soon become his assistant. Along the years their relation became extremely complicated and Arkved is not willing to talk about this with mortals.
He fears judgement and isn’t completely mature as an adult. The company of Iroroon didn’t help him to stop his childish girly behaviors. When the situation requires however he is very competent.

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Arkved is the author of one book (more to come in the future, with a focus on the nature and appearance of Oblivion)

  • Anatomy of the Dremora
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