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Oblivionauts strives to seamlessly integrate its unique story and plotline with that of the original Elder Scrolls lore. Each of the books in this wiki are original writings by the developers of Oblivionauts, and do not represent the creative work of Bethesda Game Studios. To read the original Elder Scrolls Lore, we suggest the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages's library of lore.

Each of the books within this wiki's Library can also be found within the Oblivionauts mod itself. They can be found on enemies, in loot containers, and scattered about the Realms. In addition to the text, each book's page contains a guide on where to find copies of it within the game world and relevant information such as value, weight, etc.

Each of the Appendices within this wiki is an article independent from the texts found within the Realms. They are articles with extra information and stories that we use to build the plotline and setting of the mod.



  • A Dish Better Served Cold
  • Drakelowe Mysteries: Black-handed in Death

General lore

  • Children of Shame
  • Sakin the Smith (5-tome series)
  • Song of the Mer Man
  • Summer set
  • Telvanni Sweets
  • The Fall of Harmony
  • The male witches (5-tome series)
  • The Present


  • Anatomy of the Dremora
  • Another Book of Daedra
  • Beyond your dreams
  • Breaking Dawn
  • Interview with the Dremora
  • Suspiria Oblivionis
  • Wild but not savage elves
  • Lorkhan and the Dwemer (research log)


  • The Book of Q'amsha
  • Prayers to Julianos

Comical lore

  • Dunmer tactics of guerilla
  • Giant Mudcrab
  • Khajiit's fleas
  • Red Riding Hood
  • The Dance of the Three-legged Guar
  • The Swork of Dismay
  • Why did the Dunmer cross the road?


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