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All of you should have received a newsletter about the exciting plans which Isaac and I have been working on. The Features page on this wiki has been written and is what will be used to draw new players in. Please read it to understand the concept and style of mod that we are going to be working on this summer. I am personally quite excited about this project and look forward to working with you all on it. In addition to the list of features on this wiki, you can find a more detailed list of proposed features in the Google Document linked to below. The Doc contains all proposed tasks for the development team, more than the official wiki's page. The list will grow and diminish as new ideas are added and old ones are discarded.

Google Document list of proposed features:

So far the proposed names of the mod are: Realms of Souls, Oblivionauts, and Famous Order of Lost Souls (FOoLS). More will be revealed on the story and background of the mod once they have been decided.

Please feel free to use this thread and forum for discussing these features or proposing new ones. I look forward to your discussion. :-)

Proposed Feature List by Shawn EdwardsShawn Edwards, 08 Dec 2012 15:39

This thread is for new site members and developers. As we are likely to be working with you on the development of Realms of Souls, we would like to get to know you. Please, introduce yourself to the rest of the team. We look forward to working with you! :-)

Introduction Thread by Shawn EdwardsShawn Edwards, 02 Dec 2012 21:09

With the hope that this modding project will someday build a small community around itself, this wiki has been set up with a forum. Whether you are a player, a modder, or a developer we welcome you to the official Realms of Souls website! Feel free to participate in the discussion. If you want to become a member of our community here, then please introduce yourself by replying to this thread!

Introduction Thread by Shawn EdwardsShawn Edwards, 02 Dec 2012 21:04
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