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Members Wanted
In order to create Oblivionauts, our team needs help from you and the Skyrim modding community. If you want to join our team, or know of someone you think would be of help to us, then please read below for more information.

New Art
As you may have noticed, our website had been updated with a new logo featuring a 'Veh' symbol and the name of our modding project "Oblivionauts". As a part of this, the name and URL of the wiki has also been updated.

Proposed Features
Thank you all for your interest in this modding project, as well as your patience as Isaac and I have worked on its development. As of now, we have compiled a list of proposed features, as well as a Features page on the wiki that presents unique aspects of the mod to draw potential new players in. We are also working on filling in other pages with our ideas. These features have been posted in the below forum post. Please feel free to use the forums to discuss proposed features, ask questions, or propose new ideas.


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