Within this page you can find information about every character within Realms of Souls.

Please keep in mind that all character information is merely ideas for now. The information may change in the future.

Characters are organized by location. If a character has a schedule, then their given location is the one that either they spend the most time in or the Cell that their Actor is placed in.

Playable character

Name: Location:
Player Wherever he wants to be.

Citadel People

Name: Location:
Galendil Citadel: Galendil's Lab
Inorian Citadel: Overseer's Keep Interior
Yarnal Citadel: Experimentation Buildings
Enperth Citadel: Slave Pens
Grushgal Citadel: Southern Watchtowers
Kalvak Soar Citadel: Worldspace

The Veil People

Name: Location:
Amber Dearthwit Spire: Living Quarters
Arkved of Riverfield Dearthwit Spire: Courtyard
Iroroon Dearthwit Spire: Courtyard
Julan TBD
Kiara Dearthwit Spire: Research Sector
Leon Vilmont Dearthwit Spire: Living Quarters
Narsis Dearthwit Spire: Living Quarters
Nedhelas Dearthwit Spire: Research Sector
Sakin Dearthwit Spire: Research Sector
Saranya of Dusk Dearthwit Spire: Courtyard
Sinriel Dearthwit Spire: Research Sector
Sothis Andas Dearthwit Spire: Research Sector
Thilse Andrano Dearthwit Spire: Research Sector
Tobias De Vauvert Dearthwit Spire: Living Quarters
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