Oblivionauts is a new type of Skyrim mod. Most mods make a small or large change to Skyrim, allowing players to use their characters, items, and abilities in different ways. Then there are the big mods. The overhauls, the ENBs, the total-conversion mods, etc. But this does not quite fit into any of those categories. Oblivionauts is (what we call) a Modular Minigame. By Modular we mean that it can be modified by anyone using an .esp. Do you want some more maps to play through? Just download a map pack from us or someone else! Do you want to be able to play all races or not use a class system? Make or download an Oblivionauts mod that does it! By “Minigame” we mean that it is not an open-world RPG like Skyrim, but instead is a relatively short game that can be played in may different ways.

So how is it different from Skyrim? And how do you play it? Unlike Skyrim, you do not traverse the wide, open world of Tamriel on a grand adventure to fulfill your destiny. Instead, you have a base, a set of maps that can be added to with mods, and a storyline. You begin in some strange and unfamiliar place where you are introduced to the story, customize your character, and choose your equipment. The game is dynamic. Which means that it is not played the same way every time, but the order of maps and certain parts of them will change. When you leave your base you are taken to a map that is chosen from a list. Modders can simply add their maps to the list, and you will be able to travel to their area. Once there, you play through the rooms, puzzles, and encounters until you reach the end of the map. Each map will have multiple paths to the end, allowing you to go through them in many different ways. As you complete puzzles, unlock locations, and kill enemies, you will be given rewards and progress towards the end. Once you reach the end you will be taken back to your base to recuperate and prepare for the next challenge.

Oblivionauts is not quite on the scale of a total-conversion mod like Nehrim was for Oblivion. However, its story and gameplay is totally separate from the world of Skyrim. You can never travel to Skyrim, and will always be confined to the world. All of the items, NPCs, quests, and areas of the normal game will not be available. When you start a new game you are not transported to Helgen, but to the Base. And when you choose your class, you will immediately realize that the gameplay is going to differ.

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