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Welcome to the Oblivionauts wiki, hosted by Wikidot.com. This wiki is both for players and for developers of Oblivionauts. On this wiki you can find all of the official guides, articles, lore, and news of the Realm of Souls mod for Skyrim.

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Introduction to Oblivionauts!

Players and Users can download the mod, read through our articles for guides, or post in the forums. You do not need an account to post in any of the Forum Discussion subforums.

Modders If you have created a map pack or mod for Oblivionauts, or want permission to use assets or scripts from its source then you can post in the Modder's Talk forum. Let us know about your mod or the assets you want to use. We list all community-developed mods on the Oblivionauts Mods page, and permission for asset use will almost always be granted if you credit us with our work.


If you are interested in joining the development team of Oblivionauts, then please read the Contribute article for information on how to help out. If you have skills in an area that we need help with, then you can apply for membership by clicking the 'Join' button below. In your application tell us about your skills, what part of the project you want to help with, and a little bit about yourself. If you have already been invited to join the development team, then you should receive an e-mail invitation soon. If one does not reach you, then let us know or apply with the 'Join' button below and let us know who you are.

Featured Article: Members Wanted

Apply to join the dev team!

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